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Loose Leaf Tea - White Tea

Once reserved for the royal palates of Chinese emperors, white tea is the rarest and most treasured of the tea classes. Numi’s organic white teas are hand-picked early in the spring and undergo minimal processing to preserve the sweetly delicate flavors of a pure tea leaf.

Justine’s Blend [numis-20123.png]

Justine’s Blend

Winner of the My Tea Blend contest, Justine’s Blend is as delicate as it is refreshing. Created by Justine Klein, a tea enthusiast from Pennsylvania, this smooth, white tea combines zesty ginger, tart hibiscus, orange peel, and licorice for a balanced dance of flavor.

Organic Non-GMO

Orange Spice [numis-20240.png]

Orange Spice

Our sublime blend of organic smooth white tea and real orange peel, schizandra berries and lemongrass balances complex citrus notes with luxurious spice. All make for the most divine cup.

Organic Fair Trade Certified Non-GMO

White Rose [numis-20280.png]

White Rose

Our enchanted White Rose blends the smoothness of delicate, organic white tea with whole organic rose buds. This sweet and fragrant liaison is as provocative as it is healthy.

Organic Fair Trade Certified Non-GMO