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Loose Flowering Tea - White Tea

Tender, unopened buds of the tea plant are the highest-prized of white teas and the only variety we use to craft our white Flowering Teas. The leaves are carefully sewn together and protect a hidden flower within the bundle. The delicately sweet white tea steeps notes of apricot to mix with the fragrant tones of freshly-picked flowers as it blooms in the pot.

Dragon Lily [numis-20750.png]

Dragon Lily

Dragon Lily bursts open into an arrangement of superb white tea and stunning flowers. When steeped, sprinkles of osmanthus petals surface as an orange lily blossoms, creating a mesmerizing display. This translucent liquor imparts a velvety, sweet apricot flavor.

• 8 oz. bag (Approx. 25 pcs.)