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World of Tea Collection [numis-95525.png]

World of Tea Collection

We invite you to celebrate people, planet and pure tea with an array of flavors that will take you on a journey of tea tastes and their history within different cultures.

45 organic teas representing iconic tastes from around the world. Contains 5 tea bags each in a handcrafted bamboo box: Breakfast Blend (England), Aged Earl Grey (Italy), Golden Chai (India), Mate Lemon Green (Brazil), Jasmine Green (China), Gunpowder Green (Taiwan), Rooibos (South Africa), Moroccan Mint (Morocco) and Chamomile Lemon (Egypt).

• 45 tea bags w/ bamboo box

• 4-Pack (4 x bamboo box)
$29.24 per box - SAVE $15.00!

Organic Fair Trade Certified Non-GMO

Tea by Mood Gift Set [numis-10901.png]

Tea by Mood Gift Set

This thoughtful gift welcomes everyone to let the moment seize you, and grab a cup of tea to pair with it. Tea by Mood invites you to take a deep breath and allow your mood to inspire which type of tea you should enjoy. Each box contains five tea bags of the following eight organic and Fair Trade Certified teas and teasans (40 tea bags total): Breakfast Blend, Aged Earl Grey, Emperor’s Pu-erh, Jasmine Green, Mate Lemon, Rooibos Chai, Moroccan Mint, and Chamomile Lemon.

• 40 tea bags

• 4-Pack (4 x 40 tea bags)
$16.99 per unit - SAVE $20.00!

Activate Your Soul Organic Fair Trade Certified Non-GMO