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Tea Bags - Assortments


Savory Tea Variety Bundle

• 6-Pack (6 x 12 ct. box)

Garden your teacup with a cornucopia of organic vegetables, wild herbs, decaf tea and aromatic spices! This Savory Tea Variety Bundle is a complete collection of Numi’s light but satiating savory blends, including Tomato Mint, a bright Mediterranean infusion of tomato and mint; Spinach Chive, made with layers of steamed spinach and hints of lime, coriander, dill and chive; Carrot Curry, a rich, exotic blend of curry, turmeric, ginger and sweet carrots; Broccoli Cilantro, a hearty blend of broccoli, celery and cilantro accented by turmeric; Beet Cabbage, a smooth, buttery blend of beets and cabbage; and Fennel Spice, a crisp concoction of fennel and celery root.

Each bundle contains 6 boxes of organic Savory Tea, with one box each of Tomato Mint, Spinach Chive, Carrot Curry, Broccoli Cilantro, Beet Cabbage, and Fennel Spice. 72 total tea bags.

Garden Your Teacup Organic Non-GMO