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Tea Bags - Tea Variety Bundles


Pu·erh Tea Variety Bundle

• 6-Pack (6 x 16 ct. box)

Try all of Numi’s delicious, artisanal organic pu·erh tea blends in this unique and energizing Pu·erh Tea Variety Bundle. From the bold, rich, and malty taste of Emperor’s Pu·erh, to the velvety smoothness of Chocolate Pu·erh, to the sweet, aromatic spice of Cardamom Pu·erh, this collection is perfect for the explorative pallet and is a pu·erh lover’s dream. Blended with 100% Real Ingredients. Nothing else.

Each bundle contains 6 boxes of tea, with one box each of Chocolate Pu·erh, Emperor’s Pu·erh, Jasmine Pu·erh, Basil Mint Pu·erh, Cardamom Pu·erh, and Ginger Pu·erh. 96 total tea bags.

Activate Your Soul Organic Verified Fair Labor Non-GMO