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Iced Tea - Premium Collection

Berried Treasures™ [numis-21004.png]

Berried Treasures™

Delicious and fruity, this brilliant ruby "fruitea" blends dried hibiscus, currants, pineapple, apple, cherries, and bananas for a natural sweetness. In a 1-gallon sized iced tea pouch that is easy to brew, it's a summer-long refreshing precious gem.

• 4-Pack (4 x 2.0 oz. pouch)

Organic Non-GMO

Cool Mintea Green™ [numis-21002.png]

Cool Mintea Green™

This gallon size iced tea pouch blends fresh Moroccan mint and full-leaf, tightly rolled green tea pearls. Making at-home brewing easy, we've brought you this classic blend to tame the heat of summer.

• 4-Pack (4 x 1.4 oz. pouch)

Organic Fair Trade Certified

High Mountain Black Ice™ [numis-21001.png]

High Mountain Black Ice™

This gallon size iced tea pouch contains the finest whole leaf, single-estate back tea leaves. Making at-home brewing easy, it brews to an amber liquor low in astringency, rich in flavor and clean on the palate.

• 4-Pack (4 x 1.2 oz. pouch)

Organic Verified Fair Labor Non-GMO