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Loose Leaf Tea - Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are meticulously rolled and processed to develop a state of semi-oxidation; you could say they’re in-between green and black teas. Oolongs are revered for their intricate layers of flavor that can range from lush and floral, to sweet and savory.

Iron Goddess of Mercy - Ti Kuan Yin [numis-20550.png]

Iron Goddess of Mercy - Ti Kuan Yin

Legend has it the ancient Goddess of Mercy appeared to a humble farmer guiding him to nurture and care for a single tea sprout that would bring his village prosperity. From the Fujian province, China, the dark emerald green leaves that are 50% oxidized are tightly wound and unfurl imparting a smooth body and sweet finish. Its aroma is reminiscent of toasted grain and dried figs.

Organic Non-GMO