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Loose Flowering Tea™

Shooting Star [numis-20820.png]

Shooting Star

A delightful surprise of amaranth orbs rise and bounce from the center of a green tea posy, while a spray of osmanthus swirls and falls. Delicious and light, the blushing green tea is enlivened by fruity notes.

• 8 oz. bag (Approx. 25 pcs.)

Golden Jasmine [numis-20830.png]

Golden Jasmine

Golden-tipped black tea leaves slowly unwrap into a basket of leaves revealing a garland of white billowy jasmine flowers. The tea's deep amber hue radiates a divine perfume and reveals lovely hints of chocolate.

• 8 oz. bag (Approx. 30 pcs.)

Dragon Lily [numis-20750.png]

Dragon Lily

Dragon Lily bursts open into an arrangement of superb white tea and stunning flowers. When steeped, sprinkles of osmanthus petals surface as an orange lily blossoms, creating a mesmerizing display. This translucent liquor imparts a velvety, sweet apricot flavor.

• 8 oz. bag (Approx. 25 pcs.)

Sunset Oolong [numis-20850.png]

Sunset Oolong

Wild oolong leaves and orange lily surround a ruby amaranth flower. The bundle unfurls into large green leaves and gorgeous orange streaks This golden tea has a full-bodied, nutty flavor with highlights of peach.

• 8 oz. bag (Approx. 25 pcs.)

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