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Tea Bags - Tea Variety Bundles


DIY Iced Tea Variety Bundle

Perfect for the tea drinker who loves their tea iced, the DIY Iced Tea Variety Bundle includes a variety of Numi Tea blends that steep wonderfully for iced tea. With fresh, tart flavors like Berry Black and Dry Desert Lime, and robust brews like Aged Earl Grey and Jasmine Green, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect afternoon refreshment whenever you want. To brew a cup of iced tea in any of the flavors below, simply steep 2 tea bags, let cool, and pour over ice. Blended with 100% Real Ingredients. Nothing else.

Each bundle contains 6 boxes of tea, with 1 box each of Berry Black, Aged Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Moroccan Mint, Honeybush, and Dry Desert Lime. 106 total tea bags.

Organic Non-GMO