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Loose Leaf Tea - Black Tea

Black teas are fully-oxidized during processing, giving the flavorful bite loved around the world. Our diverse selection of premium black teas steep remarkably smooth cups, without the milk-demanding bitterness of lower-quality varieties. Artisanal blends and innovative ingredients put the Numi signature on a familiar favorite.

Aged Earl Grey™ [numis-20170.png]

Aged Earl Grey™

We age organic Assam black tea with real Italian Bergamot for several weeks so the tea absorbs the orange scent. Enjoy a robust (flavorings-free) Earl Grey with subtle citrus notes.

Organic Fair Trade Certified Non-GMO

Breakfast Blend [numis-20220.png]

Breakfast Blend

This complex blend of organic black teas – malty Assam, robust Ceylon, brisk Chinese Keemun and hints of floral Darjeeling – creates a hearty, balanced morning cup.

Organic Fair Trade Certified Non-GMO

Chinese Breakfast™ [numis-20106.png]

Chinese Breakfast™

Our Chinese Breakfast black tea includes the flavorful golden tips of the tea leaves to create this gourmet Yunnan style of tea. It is malty and full-bodied with lingering floral notes.

Organic Fair Trade Certified Non-GMO

Golden Chai™ [numis-20180.png]

Golden Chai™

Our Golden Chai is a traditional Indian treasure. We blend organic hearty Assam black tea with organic cinnamon, cardamom and ginger for a rich and spicy tea. Great with milk!

Organic Fair Trade Certified Non-GMO